About the Artist

Name: Summer Nicole
Birthday: May 1, 1994
Origin: Kansas City, Kansas
Current City: Houston, TX
Interests: Food, Music, Museums, Dance, Photography & Travel

The Experience

Introducing Summer, a beautifully stunning artist whose skill set is more versatile than anything you’ve encountered. What started as a passion for only the paintbrush is now an immersed interest in the realm of digital arts.

This extraordinary and diversely talented creator is quickly becoming a hot commodity throughout Houston and the Midwest areas.

Everyone is Asking for ” The 4:44 Experience”

Now, what is “The 4:44 Experience,” you say? We’re glad that you asked! This experience is a personal interaction with our new artist, up close and personal.

It starts with a one of a kind photoshoot where Summer captures you naturally inside the studio, or out at prime photo op locations. Afterwards, your photos are retouched and edited for your use. In addition, you’ll also receive a digital composite edit that is enhanced into a full work of art!

Your Customized Experience

What is a Digital Composite?

Have you ever been to outer space, touring the jungle, or perhaps floating in the ocean? Wherever your imagination puts you, she can take you there.

The Full Package

Last but not least, when purchasing the full package, you will get a promo video documenting your experience from beginning to end, including the presentation of you receiving your full-size glass print (of your composite photo) at your special event, or at home, at work, or any setting you choose!

Your time with Summer will be more than just a photoshoot, but a whole vibe all around. We here at 2020 Vizionz hope you enjoy your 4:44 Experience!